Who is FlusheD ECO

FlusheD ECO is an Australian owned and run family business

Founded on the philosophy that we can give everyday people the opportunity to make a difference to our environment and our future by purchasing the simplest everyday product.

Our products will, in our opinion, make a difference for our future, our environment, and our sewer pipes.

We also believe our products will save you money in the long run.

With a background in Plumbing and over 15 years experience, Cameron and his wife Renee know a thing or two about sewer pipes and how important it is to care for the environment, in particular our beaches.

We also know how important it is to educate our community around what should and shouldn’t go down our toilets and into the water system.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has made it even more important for our family to offer our clients a better, alternative toilet paper.
One which we know is both better for the environment, whilst at the same time being better for sewer pipes.

We believe that our toilet paper offers a way to help prevent major blockages, as opposed to some of the cheaper alternatives available. Not to mention foreign objects, tissues, make up cleaning pads, etc. that people think is ok to flush.

Our toilet paper is 100% natural bamboo, which means that no trees were harmed in the manufacturing process.

FlusheD ECO toilet paper breaks down quickly so that it makes it way through sewer pipes with ease. There is no chance of bunching up and creating a blockage with our bamboo loo paper.

The FlusheD ECO family prides itself on delivering to you a complete, environmentally friendly product, and this includes the packaging.

Another advantage with our toilet rolls is that they are double length. Ours have 370 sheets, which will last you longer and in turn save you money.

The sheets are thick and soft; we are talking good quality, 3 ply toilet tissue. This means, of course, no more ripping or tearing while you’re using it.