Our Manufacturing Process

Where are we made?

Our Manufacturing Process

Our bamboo Eco-friendly toilet paper is manufactured and responsibly made in china, where bamboo is readily and sustainably grown.

Unfortunately, Australia does not offer this option to us at present.

Due to the current challenges the world is facing right now we understand that there is a drive to support local more than ever however we also need to think bigger and to understand that the solution isn’t always that easy.

Naturally as Australian’s we are passionate about our own country which is why we have not been surprised by the questions we have received in regard to our manufacturing process and our reasons for exploring offshore options.
We hope we can answer some of your questions below, in the event we can’t, we would love for you to reach out and connect with us via phone (02) 4656 1987 or via email on any further questions or concerns you may have.


Australian Owned & Operated

Our business is completely Australian owned and run and our core mission of saving our oceans are all targeted within Australia.

We are a family run business, real people that hope to pass on our mission and vision to our own kids for them to carry on for future generation.

We want to continue to build a sustainable business model that delivers quality and environmentally responsible products at competitive prices.

The Bigger Picture

Buying FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet paper is also helping to educate and encourage bigger thinking and the bigger picture which is helping to save our oceans.

We believe the manufacturing is only just the small component and it is what we do with this that is the true cause of what we are trying to achieve.

We support local Australian charities & organizations who are focused on cleaning and saving our oceans.

Promoting a plastic free environment and focusing on making a difference for our future generation is something that we are passionate about.

We love the oceans; we love taking our kids and playing in the sand and we love marine animals. We want our future generations to be able to experience all that our beautiful oceans have to offer.

FlusheD ECO was founded on the philosophy that we can give everyday people the opportunity to make a difference to our environment and our future by purchasing the simplest product here in Australia.

Your Questions Answered.

Why do you make your product in China and not Australia?
Being Australian, naturally we wanted to manufacture in our own Country. As experienced plumbers, we know that bamboo has better benefits to not only our environment but for our sewer system as well.

China’s supply chains for collecting and converting bamboo into tissue are unique and have access to the biggest bamboo forests in the world.

Australia just does not have this ability yet. We hope this will change in the future and at that stage we will investigate moving our production locally.

Our Chinese manufacturing partners also have the capabilities to reduce the environmental footprint by offering the ability to produce a plastic free product at maximum space efficiency to allow a more cost effective but quality product.

This is achieved by hand wrapping extra-long rolls with upwards of 370 sheets per roll and packing them securely into a recycled box containing 48 rolls. This also allows us to provide jobs for everyday people who are also supporting their families.

Western producers had non-flexible, automated production lines designed to only make low sheet count rolls, wrapped in plastic to service the supermarket world at scale.

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Where does the bamboo come from? The Bamboo we use comes from the Sichuan province of China, where it grows naturally in abundance, without the use of chemical insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers.

Our manufacturer sources bamboo predominantly from local farming co-operatives, thereby supporting the rural economy.

All sources are FSC certificated and therefore responsibly and sustainably managed.

What about the Pandas?
China has the biggest bamboo forest in the world and bamboo is grass that grows very fast.
The Bamboo that is sourced for our Toilet Paper are all planted by farmers and not cut down from natural forests and therefore Panda food is protected.

What about jobs in Australia?
We are all about supporting and creating jobs in Australia and that is why we choose Australian companies to assist with logistics, storage, shipping & delivery.

As FlusheD ECO grows through your support, we will be able to continue to create more jobs in house. So, the more you buy the more jobs we will create.

Will you consider changing your manufacturing to Australia?
Of course, if the opportunity for us to be able to supply the same quality product cost effectively that gives us the same outcome of being the best options for sustainability, our environment and our sewer system then we would defiantly consider this option to move all manufacturing to Australia.

With everything going on, why should we consider supporting China?
We need to think of China, not in a political way but as a human race who like you and i are trying the best, they can support their family.
We need to think of the bigger impacts that our actions have if we simply stop importing from other countries like China.

We feel that if they can provide us with a quality product that is better for our shared environment that has multiple benefits that we currently do not have access to here in Australia than we are more than happy to support them, as it has enabled us to bring this product here for all of us to enjoy and contribute to making a difference.

When sourcing our preferred manufacturer, we were also committed to ensuring goods are made sustainably, workers are paid fairly and operate in safe working conditions.

By supporting our Chinese partners, it allows us to build a legacy for our children, create awareness and build a better life for our future generations.


Next time you are deciding on purchasing a product based on manufacturing locations, please consider the bigger picture. We are all people just wanting to survive and thrive for our next generation regardless of our location.

Please know when you buy from us, you are supporting a local family business who are just trying to make a difference and give everyday people the opportunity to make a difference with a simple everyday item.

Have more questions? You may find them in our FAQ page. If not reach out and contact us direct. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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