Our environmental impact - cleaning oceans one roll at a time

Simple changes, huge impact cleaningoceans-flushedeco-plasticpollution

We all want what’s best for our family and using eco-friendly sustainable products is a simple start but, imagine using a simple everyday product that is not only great for your family, your hip pocket and your sewer pipes but also helping to make a difference to our environment.

A clear benefit for our future generation, as a parent, I couldn’t think of a better reason not to choose better for my family.

Who gives a crap about our environment, waterways and our oceans?

FlusheD ECO do and so should you.

Profits from all sales of FlusheD ECO products are donated and used to help with bringing awareness to water pollution and the impact that plastic and debris have on our oceans.

The world produces more than 380 million tonnes of plastic each year. Most of which are single-use plastics such as shopping bags, cups, and straws. It is estimated that 14 million tonnes enter the ocean.

It's time to make simple changes for our future generations.

We are proud to be giving everyday families like yours the opportunity to make a difference with a simple everyday item and joining us on this journey of cleaning our waterways & oceans one roll at a time.

As plumbers and a family who loves the ocean, we are passionate about keeping them clean and ensuring we are educating our customers on how to keep our water ways clean.

We see daily the items that are continually entering our water ways and the alarming number of plastics that are harming our marine life.

Our purpose is to bring awareness to these issues, educate our customers and give them the opportunity to help in our cause in keeping our oceans and waterways clean.

We are big believers that starting simple is the best way to be consistent and make a small change for big impact. Let’s give our future generations a beautiful carefree environment for many years to come.

The ways we are doing this are.

  • Donating profits from FlusheD ECO productsto helping to fund our support of the Seabin Foundation who is committed to working with communities and with the data and science associated with Seabin Smart Technology to address the problem of ocean pollution, more specifically of plastics in the ocean. 
         seabinfoundation-support-makingadifference     Learn more 


  • Donating and volunteering to local charities like Landcare Australia and others to assist and help with awareness and action.
  • Educating and offering tips, ideas and resources for families on ways to repurpose our packaging.


  • Ideas for recycling and repurposing everyday items
  • Excite our younger generation on protecting our environment through arts and crafts and interactive games and activities at local events.



  • Deliver community awareness projects through our Free Repurpose Project. Join our free Repurpose Project here.
  • Offering a repurpose/donation option for our packaging for our customers. Delivering items to local schools, art centers and organizations to use as arts and crafts items.

kids-repurpose-artNow is the chance to make a simple change, for big impact. Make the switch now for you and your family. 

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