FlusheD ECO Friendly FAQs

We know you may have questions about our 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper. Honesty and integrity is something we live by, so we thought we might answer some of these questions that you may have. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

Our Product

What is FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet tissue made from?
100% bamboo pulp

Where is FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet paper manufactured?
Our toilet paper is manufactured and responsibly made in china, where bamboo is readily and sustainably grown. Unfortunately, Australia does not offer this option to us at present and is not commercially available.
Read more about our manufacturing process here.
Where does the raw material Bamboo come from?
The Bamboo we use comes from the Sichuan province of China. Here it grows naturally in abundance, without the use of chemical insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers. Our manufacturer sources bamboo predominantly from local farming co-operatives, thereby supporting the rural economy. All sources are FSC certificated and therefore responsibly and sustainably managed.

What is your packaging made from?
Our paper wraps are made from FSC certificated paper and printed with soybean based inks. Our cartons are made from recycled paper and also printed with soybean inks. All of our packaging is fully recyclable.

Is your products and packaging completely plastic free?
Yes, being plastic free is very important to us. The toilet paper, the packages (including the tape) are all plastic free.

Why are your toilet rolls individually wrapped?
The wrappers have the added benefit of keeping each toilet roll hygienically dust and dirty free up until the times of use, as well as looking the good in your bathroom too. As a point of difference, we have also chosen to make our paper super thin to allow for quicker decomposing.                         
Our wrapper is 17gsm compared to other brands which are 32gsm.

What are your wrappers made of?
Our paper wraps are made from FSC certificated paper and printed with soybean based inks.

Is your bamboo tissue suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes! Our bamboo toilet tissue has the benefit of being naturally super soft, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is great for all skin types, and doesn’t need any chemical enhancers such as softening additives, chemical scents or dyes. It’s also free from any of the chemicals associated with recycled paper, such as de-inking agents and BPA.

Is your bamboo toilet tissue bleached?
Yes! Our paper is bleached using a process that is free from elemental chlorine (ECF). This is generally considered one of the most environmentally safe ways to bleach paper.

Are your products vegan?
Yes! We don’t use any animal derived ingredients, and have worked hard to source vegan-friendly components at every stage of the development process. This includes the glue used for the inner roll cores, outer cartons and paper tape. We use a plant-based glue for these parts of the packaging. We also do not test on animals, and no animal testing takes place within our supply chain.

Is your bamboo toilet paper suitable for septic tanks and composting toilets?
Yes! As plumbers we need to ensure the safety of our sewer system. Our paper has been tested for disintegration and is well suited to both systems.

How many rolls in each carton?
There are 48 individually wrapped rolls in each carton of FlusheD ECO 100% bamboo toilet paper.

How many sheets are in each roll?
There are 370 sheets in each roll of FlusheD ECO 100% bamboo toilet paper.

Our Subscription options

Do you offer a subscription option?
Yes, we offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or half yearly subscription options

Can I cancel at any time?
Absolutely, all we ask is you let us know 1 week before your next scheduled delivery is due.

Can I buy without signing up for a subscription?
Of course, retail one off buys are available.

Do i save money if i subscribe? Yes, your loyalty and continued support of FlusheD ECO means the world to us. Because of this we offer various discounts based on your subscription frequency.

Shipping & Delivery

Do you offer free delivery?
Yes, we offer free shipping to metro city areas all around Australia. We offer regional and country area’s a flat rate of $12.50

Can I pick up my order?
Absolutely, our warehouse is located in Campbelltown NSW and we are happy for you to come and say hi and pick up your order direct.

How quick will i get my FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet paper? Our aim Is to get your order out and dispatched within 24 hours of payment received. Our deliveries have been quick with a 2 to 3 days delivery time. However due to the latest pandemic shipping and delivery times may vary.

Our Company

Is your company Australia owned?
Yes, founders Cameron and Renee are based in Sydney, Australia and currently run another business CRG Plumbing & Maintenance. It was their background and knowledge in the plumbing industry that forced them to understand the importance of better alternative options for toilet tissue for their customers, and also for the environment. After much research into sourcing the best product, FlusheD ECO was born.

Is your company online only?
No, we have a physical address located in South West Sydney in NSW. Although we encourage online ordering, we do offer a local pick up option to give all our customers the opportunity to meet us in person.

How we are making a difference

Do you donate to a charity or organisation?
Yes, and we are supporting Australian ones that are making a difference right here in this beautiful country.
We are very passionate about our oceans and the environment. Having two small boys, we want their future to be blessed with beautiful oceans.
This is why we are committed to donating proceeds from the purchase of FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet paper to various Australian charities and organizations who are implementing innovative solutions and strategies to clean up our oceans and water ways.
We are also committed to local charities that are helping to promote awareness within our own community for better environmentally friendly practices and educating our future generation.

Why is Bamboo better?
By switching your toilet paper from regular to FlusheD ECO bamboo toilet paper you are choosing a better alternative for your sewer pipes which will help to prevent less blockages in our sewer system as bamboo breaks down much quicker.
You are also saving 27,000 trees per day that are used to make normal toilet paper. Bamboo is the better alternative to prevent deforestation in our world.