Repurposing and Recycling for Everyday People

Lets make a difference together.

Simple ideas for family fun and education

Here at FlusheD head quarters, we have always been about the bigger picture, not just the sale of our toilet paper.
What we really want to do is make a difference to help clean our oceans and even though we are committed to using our profits from all sales to clean oceans and bring awareness to sustainability and our plastic pollution problems we know we can do even more than that and it really is super simple.

Repurposing and recycling is something we can all do that like using toilet paper, is a
simple everyday task and here is where we show you how.

You brought FlusheD ECO toilet paper, which is super great but you have this box that it
came in, the cardboard cores that the toilet paper is wrapped in and a paper wrapper that you have no idea what to do with.

What happens when you have run out of toilet paper and you have all these empty packaging items to throw out? What are you currently doing with them?

We have a few ideas for you that we cant wait to share with you.

This is where the FlusheD ECO repurpose project comes into play.

Learn more about FlusheD ECO Repurpose Project

You can also check out theFlusheD ECO Repurpose Program YouTube chanel for video tips and tricks around repurposing,recyling and simple sustainbility ideas you can implement into your family.
Remember, this isnt about changing everything in your life. It would be impossible to buy everything plastic free or to remember every single recycling rule but its aBount small and simple changes that wont break the bank or put a strain on your already busy life.
So are you ready to join the the FlusheD ECO Repurpose Project?