Repurpose Project

Our repurpose project

What its all about

Did you know Australians produce 540kg of household waste per person, each year. That’s more than 10kg for every single person, every single week. Of the estimated 67 million tonnes of waste Australians generated in 2017, just 37 was recycled, leaving 21.7 disposed of in landfill.

Our repurpose project is hoping to give every day people the opportunity to reduce our waste simply by using everyday things like packaging from items brought and repurposing them into useful or creative ways that allows us to reuse them.
Check out our creative repurpose ideas here

Here are just a few things that you will learn from our Repurpose Project

1 Creative and practical ways to repurpose packaging including FlusheD ECO toilet paper wrappers and cores.

2 How and where you can donate your packaging to organisations and families who will utilise them for repurposing for things like arts & crafts.

3 Simple everyday tips on how you can be more Eco-friendly at home and in your work place through recycling and repurposing.

Don’t throw toilet rolls away.

These toilet roll core’s have so many repurposing opportunites and we can’t wait to share them with you.
From arts & crafts to storage ideas and bird feeders.

Make sure the next time someone leaves an empty roll on the holder pop it away in a box until some inspiration strikes for repurposing.

These can also be easily composted in your everyday compost at home

Want to get involved? Here is how.


Donate your packaging back to FlusheD ECO or one of our recipient drop off points to be used for repurposing for crafts and other fun things.
Conditions apply.

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Receive our donated items for your organization to
recycle and repurpose for things like arts and crafts, composting or reusing. Ideal for schools, nurseries and sustainability centres.

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Repurpose contributor

Share your ideas and tips around recyling and repurposing to
help educate our local community using hashtag #flushedecorepurposeproject or send us an email.

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