Charity Fundraising

We love helping those who are wanting to help others. 

We know fundraising can be complicated and hard. We would love to give you the opportunity to create a simple fundraising initiative that will 

- Benefit your charity or organisation

- Give people something that they will actually use and need

- Offer a simple sustainable product that is 100% better for the environment.


Planning, organising volunteers, investing funds, running the show – not to mention getting people to spend – are just a few of the many challenges for a chief fundraiser.


What if there was a fundraiser that was simple, effective and had the added appeal of being good for the planet?


Sound Good?


As a part of our sustainable and socially responsible business, FlusheD ECO have developed a fundraising program to help local community organizations raise funds.


How you make money...

Your supporters buy the toilet paper via our website, using your unique code.

We send you $5 per each box sold using your unique code.


What are the Advantages:

You hold no stock, you don’t do any deliveries, you invest no money.

You only need to motivate people to buy online using your code.



Get more info:

If your group is interested in the program, email us at: with the subject line "Charity Fundraiser please" and include details for the best contact person. We’ll come back to you with more information.