Bamboo toilet paper recommended by plumbers as the better alternative toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper is Sewer & Septic Friendly and the best for our sewer systems. 

Bamboo toilet paper is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper, and it has the added benefit of breaking down quickly in water. As a result, it can help prevent blockages in your plumbing system, as well as reduce the strain on sewage systems. Bamboo toilet paper typically breaks down in less than 10seconds, which is significantly faster than many traditional toilets paper.

Options that can take minutes or even hours to break down. This means that bamboo toilet paper can be safely flushed down the toilet without causing the environment or your plumbing system.

Bamboo toilet paper is often biodegradable and compostable, meaning it can break down completely over time and become a useful fertilizer for plants and gardens. This can help reduce waste and support sustainable. Gardening practices.


Bamboo toilet paper is suitable for

  • Sewer systems
  • Septic systems
  • Caravans
  • Motorhomes
  • Boats

Still not convinced bamboo is best?

Check this experiment we did with FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet paper and regular supermarket branded toilet paper.

Is bamboo toilet paper better for your pipes?

We recently carried out another proof test on how much quicker bamboo toilet paper breaks down compared to regular toilet paper.

As you can see, bamboo breaks down much quicker, 10-15 seconds roughly till it starts the breaking down process where regular TP takes hours to start doing the same thing.

Toilet paper breaking down quicker means less chance of blockages in your pipes which means less costs on plumbing emergencies.

Based on this experiment we are pretty confident in saying that YES, bamboo is better for your pipes 🧻🚽 Have you made the bamboo switch? #flushedeco #flushedecotoiletpaper #bambootoiletpaper #bambootoiletpaperisbetterforthenvironment #plumberrecommended #ecofriendly #convenient #deliveredtoyourdoor #australianowned ♬ CONFETTI INSTRUMENTAL - Utkarsh Uppal/Aymen Mohamedali/Shalee Gherbaz

With FlusheD ECO focus of cleaning our oceans and waterways not only is Bamboo toilet paper the most obvious and better choice for our pipes and most recommended by plumbers your family will love its soft luxurious and strong feel that looks and feels great. No more fingers poking through and happier fussy partners who always want the best toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper has many other benefits that is making it more popular amongst the eco-conscience consumers.

Read all about the other benefits of bamboo toilet paper.

Ready to make the switch?

Check out our subscription options or simply purchase one of our trial bags to see what all the hype is about.

Did you know that profits from sales of FlusheD ECO bamboo toilet paper go towards helping to clean our oceans and waterways of plastic and debris through our support of the Seabin Foundation and other local community sustainable initiatives. Read more here to learn how our customers are making a difference buy buying a simple everyday item, bamboo toilet paper.