Bamboo toilet paper - Cost effective alternative to supermarket toilet paper

bamboo-vs-regular-toiletpaperWhy is bamboo toilet paper so expensive?

Bamboo toilet paper may seem more expensive than regular toilet paper that you find in your supermarket however when you start looking more into it you may be surprised that bamboo toilet paper is in fact on par if not a little cheaper than your regular branded toilet paper you would find when waking the isles at your local supermarket not to mention it has huge benefits to our environment and protecting our waterways and saving you potential costs in plumbing issues. 

The best way to compare is to follow the simple rule of Cost per sheet equation. When you see this on price tags you will notice that it is mostly calculated per 100 sheets.

Comparing toilet paper prices by the cost per sheet is a helpful way to determine the best value. Here's how to calculate the cost per sheet:

Find the total number of sheets in the package. This information is usually listed on the packaging or product description.

 Divide the total cost of the package by the number off rolls in the pack, divide by number of sheets per roll x 100

For example, if we use FlusheD ECO pricing, if a box of 48 double length rolls costs $66 and contains 370 sheets, the cost per sheet is $66 / 48 / 370 x 100 = $0.37 cents per 100 sheets.

Compare the cost per sheet for different packages and brands to find the best value whilst also checking out all the other benefits that bamboo toilet paper offers.

Keep in mind that the quality and thickness of the toilet paper can also affect the value. Cheaper toilet paper may have fewer sheets per roll or be less absorbent, which could lead to more usage and less overall value. It's important to balance price and quality when choosing a toilet paper brand.

Let’s breakdown the comparison to FlusheD ECO & supermarket brand toilet paper to help you with your research.